Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kitschy Ornament Christmas Wreaths

I finished my vintage Santa wreath.
I love all of these old, chubby fellas.
Especially this one.  I think he's saying ho, ho, ho!
Then I made this wreath:

...With this sweet little deer:

Isn't she darling?!

I know Christmas is a long way off, but I appreciate you indulging me as I stock my Etsy shop with Christmas cheer for my Retro Revival customers.


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh my, both of them are just so adorable! Love your crafty talent.

:) Pam

Anonymous said...

CUTE! Crafters always indulge other crafters!

I find it amusing how angry some people get to see Christmas stuff outside of Dec! ♥

Betty Lou said...

You'll be so ready for Christmas while the rest of us are scurrying around wondering what to put on the door.

donna said...

Your wreaths turned out great. I love the Santa's. The last couple of years I have been trying to collect those precious Santa's.

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Cindy you did such an amazing job......they're adorable! I finally sold my last ornament wreath last month....whew, I get so scared holding onto delicate stuff like that.

Best of luck!


P.S. Just want you to know that I keep your Christmas card from last year up all year round by my computer.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Ho HoHo.....and to think we've still got FALL out ~ lol!! Love those plastic Santas...never can leave them when I find them....NOW I know what I can do with them all! Cute wreaths....and by all means stock that shop up Cindy...things will be flying out of there soon :)

Tami Von Zalez said...

I've saved that santa wreath gem for my Countdown to Kitschmas and hope to get your ok to repost (with link back to you) in December.

Suz said...

I love your Santa wreath and your gold wreath is awesome too. I will be checking your etsy shop.

Lesa said...

First thought: Adorable! So cute, who wouldn't love them! I bet they find new homes in no time. Would love for either to live at my house. I wonder if your Santa could be yawning after a busy night of bringing goodies?

Margaret said...

I just love them both!

vintage grey said...

Oh, I love the Santa wreath! So cute! xo Heather

Little Susie Home Maker said...

ooh!! Really cute, love the chubby Santas!!

Becky said...

You are on a Christmas roll, woman! These are superb.