Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes Twyla's Really Gross

Gawd I love this dog!

Can you blame me?  I mean, she's just so dern cute!

But sometimes she's disgusting!  I'm not talking the standard crotch licking or sneaking into the trash.

She digs for moles!  She plays with them, placing her paws on them until they squeak like her toys.  Then she rolls on them so that they squeak more!  And then they die.  Clearly, she doesn't have the brain capacity to make the connection between stepping on them and death.  They're not squeaky toys, Twyla!  No never mind, she still carries them up onto the porch.  To play with them later, hoping they'll wake up?  To show me?


On our morning walk around the farm yesterday, she caught the scent of a mole and began digging:

See the disappointment in her eyes (and the sandy nose)?  She didn't get the mole (I wouldn't have let her anyway ~ would've tugged her leash).

I've lectured her repeatedly about "playing" with moles.

But she keeps doing it!  No shame whatsoever!

I swear she's dreaming about digging for more right now!

Viscious.  Gross.

But I love her!

Does your pet disgust you sometimes too?  Share your thoughts and you'll have a chance to win this month's blog giveaway ~ a steering wheel cover from Lee-Ann's Whoopsie Daisies Etsy shop!  Drawing is 9/30.



My Vintage Mending said...

Ha! Where to begin with my English Bullies...The love of all things dirt. Squished in wrinkles for lots of hidden finds..mmmm! Gas like no other creature I have experienced. But they love you so much how can you deny them a place in your heart. Twyla is just helping your grass out Mom...smiles...Renee

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha! My best bloggy friend's name is Twyla so when I saw this post title, I was like WHAT? My dog Lexi digs for Voles. It's the highlight of her day. :)

Okay- grossest thing EVER is when my cat caught a squirel and wanted to bring it in the house to her kittens. I woudn't let her so she ate the whole thing and then came in and threw it up on my carpet! I was flipping out! EEEEWWWW!

Come by and say hi for Dotty Hop day today! ♥

Laura said...

Our sweet puppy, Shelby Montana (Yes, she has a middle name.) is totally gross! Gas, yes. Digging, yes. The worst worst worst thing she does though... digging for yummies in the cat's litter box! EEEEEWWWW!!! She eats them!! Blech!!

Julie Harward said...

Oh yes...my Golden just love to find yucky old deer bones, or anything dead and he hauls it home with such pride! ;D

Getting Hooked said...

I loved your story :) You did a great job telling it and your beautiful pictures fit so perfect!
Where to begin... my dogs do many many disgusting things but one of the worst is when they run over to a fresh warm mound of horse dodo and act as though it is the best meal of the year!! I about gagged when I first witnessed this nasty behavior :/ But... after owning horses for several years now I know that to all dogs horse dodo is just to tempting to pass up... I still do not allow it though:)

Suz said...

I don't like moles. I have had problems with them.

Paula Parrish said...

Hello Cindy,
WOW, these are great photos of Twyla. I would have to forgive that precious face for all of her ways. Yea, our cat Midnight has some of the same tricks; bring birds, squirrels and small animals to our front door step as gifts. I agree it is disgusting. Happy Wednesday!
Smiles, Paula

jakes_girl said...

I have 2 dogs and they love to chase the animals in the yard and torture them and play tug of war with them. Last year it was a porcupine and that was the big mess and this year the mess is a skunk. They chased it for hours and were sprayed, I'm assuming the skunk didn't live through it because molybdenum doesn't take kindly to things making her smell or stick needles in herlike the porcupine did. She was really late coming back the other day and stinks worse then trixie who came back earlier. Needless to say my house stunk cuz I tried to bathe her in the tub and now our guest house stinks because that is where they're staying until I can wash them later on in the day. I wish they would leave the other animals alone but now we don't have any pests making a mess in the yard.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Cindy, I am totally honored that a dog as adorable as this shares my name! She looks just so sweet! Who could get mad at her over a little 'mole play'. I'm sure I do gross things too so I could forgive her. Yes, my pretty babies do gross things too, sometimes. The usual things most doggies are known to do such as eatting what they just threw up or on occasion checking out what came out the other end! Give Twyla a pat for me! Twyla

donna said...

Twyla is so darn cute. Her eyes just make you melt. I love the picture where she is dreaming. That is one of my favorite things is to see a dog smile. My sisters dog smiles and it so cute.

Yujin Cho said...

can't stop looking at Twyla! make me smile, she is so cute! I think Bu and Twyla look like each other... hunting dogs~ lol...

harriette said...

I just found your blog from Donna and I am so glad I did.. such fun!! Of course, I had to click on the beagle post...i have two beagles and they are the sweetest cutest howling hounds! Twyla melts my heart...that face,she is so cute!!